May 26, 2018 Garrison Changing of Guard

The weather couldn’t have been better for the Saint Augustine Garrison’s May Changing of the Guard. Thousands of visitors were treated to a historical reenactment that would have occurred nightly in St. Augustine during the 1700’s. Thank you East Florida Rangers for being a part of it. Here are a few photos of the event.

2018 Pine Castle Pioneer Days

A forty six year tradition held this year in Cypress Grove Park, Pine Castle Florida (within Orlando). More fun than the pictures show.  Nice small event, great hosts, supper visitors.  EFR had a great time.

2018 Fort Foster Rendezvous

Great program - Wednesday Feb 7-9 school kids and Saturday/Sunday the 10th and 11th were public days. Good photos of skirmishing with the Seminoles.

2018 East Florida Rangers at Alafia River Rendezvous

January activities done in conjunction with the Spanish Garrison from St. Augustine. Photos courtesy of Davina Photos. Activities include the Sunday evening Military Dinner, working with school children on Thursday's Educational Day and a Miliary Shootoff.

2017 Colonial Night Watch

Colonial Night Watch for 2017 was held in the Colonial Quarter Museum. Lots of activities so enjoy the photos. You may want to also watch two short Facebook videos of the march into St. Augustine.

Video One

Video Two

Florida Frontiers TV - Episode 19 American Revolution

2017 Fort Foster Thanksgiving Weekend

EFR enjoys its annual retreat at Ft Foster. This gives us a time to socialize, have a business meeting and sharpen our skills for the upcoming Colonial Night Watch in St. Augustine.

2017 Fort Foster

The Hillsborough River State Park sponsors an annual Rendezvous the last weekend in January at the site of Fort Foster.  Reenactors from numerous groups along with Seminoles demonstrate the defence of the bridge over the river. Photos also include a meeting of the East Florida Rangers in one of the block houses.

Fort Foster

Fort Foster State Historic Site is a reproduction of a fort originally built on the same grounds in December 1836, by Col. William S. Foster and his 430 men. During the Second Seminole War the purpose of Fort Foster was to defend the bridge crossing at the Hillsborough River and act as a resupply point for the soldiers in the field. The fort was garrisoned on and off from December, 1836 – April, 1838. Although the fort was attacked on several occasions, the worst attack occurred in February 1836, when a small group of Seminoles attempted to set fire to the bridge. The attempt was thwarted by aggressive musket and cannon fire from the fifty or so U.S. Navy sailors and the 20 artillery men within the fort. Today, park staff and reenactors like the East Florida Rangers provide living history demonstrations of life at Fort Foster.

2016 Colonial Night Watch

Held December 3rd and 4th, Colonial Night Watch is one of the premier events in St. Augustine, FL. Hosted by the Spanish Garrison, British Regulars and East Florida Rangers work with the National Park Service, the Colonial Quarter Museum and St. Augustine to reenact the times during America's Revolution.

2016 History Educational Field Trip

The East Florida Rangers, Inc. try to schedule an annual field trip to visit and learn more about Florida's history, especially where it involves the American Revolution.  On August 13, 2016, Florida's two battle sites were paid a visit along with plenty of social time in Fernandina Beach, FL.  Enjoy the photos.

Pine Castle Pioneer Days

Pine Castle Pioneer days celebrates Fort Gatlin. The fort is no longer standing but a large park and active historical society support Orlando's local history.  The community is located just south of the downtown area.

2014 St Augustine British Night Watch

Just a few minutes of video and a couple of pictures discovered on one of our phones. In 2014, the event was called the British Night Watch. We had a larger contingent of British Reenactors for this event.