Requirements for membership are as follows:

Sponsorship by an existing member.  The purpose is to pair you up with someone who understands our goals, requirements and can be your guide through any of the activities that you may choose to participate in. If you do not know any East Florida Rangers, we will be more than pleased to work with you to find someone who can take the role of sponsor.

Read and agree with our requirements.  You can find them here.

Work to establish a kit of clothing, secure a firelock and appropriate accoutrements fitting our period of history.

Take time to practice the military drills that were common during the American Revolution.

Attend one or more scheduled events each year.

Other roles would also include:

Friendly Indian Allies, distaff and of course children.  Your persona and style is left to you.

Membership Fees

Your initial sign up requires an annual fee of $10 for an individual Loyal Indian Ally or Single Distaff (unattached to a Ranger), Ranger annual dues are $25 and include all family members. Fees are paid each year through the registration and renewal process on this website.  Once registered, the materials and content for the East Florida Rangers will be available to you. For first time Rangers, your medallion can be purchased for $12 at the first EFR Sanctioned event you attend.