The following regulations are required of all East Florida Ranger (EFR) members:

  1. EFR members will by vote, elect officers, including a Colonel to organize and lead educational activities. Elections will be held every year. The elected Colonel may serve consecutive terms without limits. The Colonel will serve as President of the organization.
  2. EFR members will elect an Adjutant.  The Adjutant will serve as Secretary of the organization.
  3. EFR members will elect a Board Member at Large. The Board Member at Large will serve as Treasurer.
  4. EFR members will pay a membership fee to be determined by the EFR officers to cover operating costs of this group.
  5. All costs associated with participation in EFR events will be borne by the members of EFR.
  6. Clothing (breeches, footwear, shirt, frock, belt, sash, neck stock, head wear etc.), firelocks, knives, hawks, cartridge box, canteen, haversack, & other equipage must be appropriate to the period. EFR members must make every effort to be historically accurate in their portrayal of a typical loyalist/patriot soldier of the American Revolution.
    1. The Ferguson Rifle was only fielded in very  small numbers to a specific unit and was not widespread. An accurate portrayal of a typical revolutionary war soldier in the Colonies of East Florida or Georgia would not have a Ferguson rifle.
    2. While there are documented cases of females serving in Revolutionary War units on both sides, these female soldiers were the exception and they were indistinguishable from the males in dress & appearance.
    3. Spectacles were expensive and difficult to make, but those with the means and access were able to acquire spectacles. The spectacles an EFR Ranger wears should appear as close to period as possible.
  7. While representing EFR, no member may knowingly participate in any political gathering, meeting or demonstrations. EFR members will operate consistent with the full by-laws of the East Florida Rangers.
  8. The EFR membership shall be organized as typical of an American Revolutionary military unit. The Colonel of the EFR shall from time to time appoint a number of officers and sergeants of the EFR to assist in the organization, planning and execution of EFR events and activities. The EFR Officers & Noncommissioned Officers shall consist of (at a minimum): Regimental Colonel, Color Sergeant, Major, Adjutant (Captain), Sergeant and Corporal. Additional positions may include Chaplain (Captain), Quartermaster (Captain), Lieutenant, Subaltern and additional Sergeants and Corporals as required and indicated.
  9. The uniform of the regiment shall be prescribed by the EFR Regimental Colonel and Color Sergeant and is based on historical accounts of the East Florida Rangers and other Loyalist Ranger units that served during the American Revolution. Interestingly, many Patriot units had similar uniforms.
  10. EFR members shall purchase and maintain reenactors liability coverage.